I took some astro targets with IDAS HEUIB-II filter.  First, see two raw images of IC1396.


ic1396-no6DH with Canon UV/IR blocking

ic1396_heuibWith HEUIB-II, RGB are perfectly matched!

Then, I set the filter behind the lens and took some fields with Sigma 50mm lens.

milky16DH w/HEUIB-II + Sigma 50mm/F1.4 at F4, 12 x 2 minutes at ISO1600

Luminance LEVELS has been only applied to the RAW image.  No individual RGB adjustment made at all. Even no CURVES either. As expected, Ha was well isolated by the optical filter. I will finish up other images too.

Paul Chasse is sending me another wonderful image through HEUIB-II.


This is really the film-like finish. Beauty!


~ by tedishikawa on October 8, 2013.

7 Responses to “IDAS HEUIB-II – 5”

  1. Hi. Ted.

    Well done.There are a good example of two images, I like the HEUIB filter.
    Place the order for me. If there are different size of filters,please
    pick the one suitable to my system.


    • Naoto

      Thanks. Probably M48 is the best match with your optical systems such as TOA150, 71FL and SCT w/SCT adapters.


  2. Hi Ted
    I use a Idas LP 2 for my color shots with a modified Canon DSLR and my f3.9 Borg 125SD. Do you think adding the HEUIB-11 as well would work ?i.e. combatting the LP but also balancing the RGB and enhancing the Ha ?
    Chris (UK)

    • Chris

      Nice to hear from you again.
      HEUIB-II is the ideal filter for modified DSLRs “at dark sky”. But if your sky is light polluted, LPS filters are still best option. When you will have the chance to go to the dark place, I highly recommend HEUIB-II to create perfect color balance. Definitely it will do very good job.


  3. Thanks Ted, unfortunately I don’t get to really dark skies very often. Just thought maybe the two filters could be stacked but maybe that is not a good idea.

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  5. […] new filters work. You can look at the thread and comparison images at Hutechs Digi-Blog here: IDAS HEUIB-II – 5 | DigiBorg If you enter 'heuib' in the search box, there are several posts and information about it. Happy […]

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