IDAS HEUIB-II Filter – 3

Now I’m receiving the responses about this new filter from customers. Here is one example.

?????????????????????????????????????Click image for details

This image result is really impressive. As one of modded DSLR users myself, I know how difficult to remove background red cast while maintaining faint Ha region. This filter eliminates the issue.  IDAS did really great job!! Thank you, Ixy (a designer of IDAS)  I don’t hesitate to mention  this filter will be a kind of must-item for modded DSLRs and OSC cooled cameras.   Keep in mind, this filter works for regular daytime shots in AWB mode too, without presetting anything.

I will setup the description page at Hutech site shortly.

BTW, HEUIB stands for Ha Enhanced Uv Ir Blocking. It’s quite new concept of astronomical filter.


~ by tedishikawa on September 26, 2013.

One Response to “IDAS HEUIB-II Filter – 3”

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