This is the good example to show how 36ED works for astrophotography.  It was taken with 1.1x flattener by Naoki Nakanishi.

36ED_11hx_ntr36ED + 1.1x flattener + SBIG ST-8300M

36ED_11hx_trcropped from the above and shown at 100% screen size

Each star is well resolved and clean. This should be wonderful optics for wide-field with small pixel cameras. 220mm focal length (with flattener) covers up to APS-C sized sensors although above image was taken by four thirds sensor. So I can say it has 3omm effective image circle in astronomical standard. Probably best match with recent Sony sensor camera like SX814 and SX 694 etc.

Meanwhile, let’s see how birds can be taken in this high resolution.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA36ED + Pentax Q7 by K.I.M., quite small system!



~ by tedishikawa on September 20, 2013.

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