Fujifilm X-Series

We, as one of authorized dealers,  used to handle Fujifilm DSLRs before when they were selling S3Pro and S5Pro. They are very unique and capable of astro use. We modified them for astronomy like Canon bodies. I recall they started promoting UV/IR camera under their brand name when they realized Hutech was doing the modified camera business. It was exactly the same Canon did with 20Da. Anyway their unique sensor – honeycomb style sensor seems to be very good idea like L and RGB separate pixels. But unfortunately it might not have been good resolution because of, probably the nature of pixels.

xe1Anyway, their unique sensors had wide dynamic range and it was 1st camera having liveview function.

Now as shown at this blog several times, their another new proprietary-sensor – X-Trans looks creating details without enhancing sharpness by software. Only reason I was hesitating to carry was no in-camera image stabilizer. But film-like image result pushed me to go again finally. I’m not sure we will convert X-series into astro camera. But I will first test its capability for astro photography. I believe it has the potential power for astronomical use too. One of disadvantages over Canon is the lack of accessories such as AC adapter and controller etc for astronomical applications. I hope I can find out good solutions.

I will keep posting test results here.


~ by tedishikawa on September 17, 2013.

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