This is my 1st attempt for BORG AF project. Sigma 60mm M4/3rds lens was picked as AF mechanism. Since this lens is IF(inner focus), it allows for rigid connection. There is nothing to mechanically move outside except helical focuser for coarse focusing. Also the camera achieves contrast AF. So basically it doesn’t matter what optical speed is, and very accurate. I believe the product concept should be wonderful if AF is working as expected mechanically and optically.

af150FL + Sigma 60mm + E-M5

af2Sigma 60mm, IF lens only inside

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAResult, focused by Sigma IF lens

Although the image was not as good as prime focus, I’m glad to know at least AF worked well and smoothly. Image degradation was expected. So the result was not what I’m disappointed. I will play around with moving targets from now on. To achieve BORG image quality, we have to replace Sigma IF lens with BORG flattener. The key is how Sigma will cooperate with us if we decide to go ahead toward making  the commercial products.

Meanwhile, there is the rummer that Sony is planing to release the In-camera focus system. Since Sigma’s IF is floating when power is on. Also E-M5’s image sensor is floating as well. So I believe Sony is well capable of achieving such a camera. In fact, E-M5’s 5-axes IS mechanism must be a part of that. Z-Axis can be used to move back and forth for focusing. So I guess this should be technically cleared already. The point is this rummer is true or not. This is what I have to keep watching.


~ by tedishikawa on September 6, 2013.

One Response to “AF BORG”

  1. I actually been toying in making such a product, I’ve been able to make two adapters, a 0.80x and 2x with AF, with both of them the AF worked great and IQ was very acceptable.

    But I would buy a commercial version of such a product in a heartbeat, I hope you get around to make it available.

    Even if sony does come up with such a product as an internal focus body, many m4/3 users not willingly to change brand could take advantage of such a thing. As a m4/3 and sony user I know I would.

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