Canon 6DH

6DH is getting more popular these days.  I fully agree this is one of the best astro DSLRs today and more reasonable cost as full frame sensor than previous models. These are 1st light taken by Klaus Brasch.

M31TMB130V3Aug29combo copyTMB130 + 6DH (EOS6T) + LPS-V3, 3 x 5 minutes at ISO3200

M8andM20TMB130f7V3Aug29combo copyTMB130 + 6DH(EOS6T) + LPS-V3, 2 x 3 minutes at ISO3200

I was using 6DH at ISO1600 so far. But according to him, ISO3200 is still low noise he can accept. I will try that next. Now  super faint nebulae and galaxies are becoming target even for DSLRs too.

Enjoy astro imaging with this great camera, Klaus


~ by tedishikawa on August 29, 2013.

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