Losmandy StarLapse & Olympus E-P5

One of great features for Losmandy StarLapse mount is to allow to set several different PAN speeds. Meanwhile Olympus latest model – E-P5 creates time lapse movie in a camera. So I don’t need PC.  It is restricting 99 frames as maximum though. This is great function for a lazy man like me.  So these 2 items encouraged me to test and see what results look like in PAN speed and interval.   I wish Canon to add this in-camera time lapse movie feature ASAP too.


40-degree/H & 2 minutes interval (looks too fast)

7.5-degree/H & 2 minutes (looking good)

Probably PAN speed should be determined depending on what image finish I expect. I will keep playing around to figure out more myself. In any cases, this is fun to play and fortunately, quite easy now. These testing remind me of Losmandy StarLapse’s versatility – for terrestrial time lapse movie, single axis astro tracking mount visually and photographically, and dual-axes capability with auto-guider. Wonderful concept! I love it.


~ by tedishikawa on August 21, 2013.

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