1.1x Flattener for 36ED & Pocket BORG

The prototype of a newly designed 1.1x flattener is coming up and here is 1st light test.

DSC00174ssA flattener is completely inside tube. So totally invisible. It’s well designed optically and mechanically

DSC08124s DSC08059s DSC08108s36ED + 1.1x + Sony NEX5N, all are uncropped

Then, 36ED will fully cover APS-C sensors. It should be good news for people who wish to take wide-field astrophotography with relatively smaller sensors.  It will be 220mm/F6. Still good speed for cooled CCD cameras.

This 1.1x has very unique modular design. So it fits virtually any cameras as well. It is expected to come up November.

Also the flattener works with Pocket BORG.


602525mm achromat / F7, Part # 6025

Probably this is the smallest size as telescopes. It’s tiny. But it’s not a toy at all. Lens is seriously polished like other objective lenses. So it is capable of even 50x magnification. It was available in Japan a couple of years. Now it is available at Hutech as well.


~ by tedishikawa on August 10, 2013.

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