BORG Reducer and Flattener

BORG’s reducer and flattener have a lot of very good feedback from users. This is just one example sent from Paul Chasse. Following is his e-mail message.



Just a short note. I recently purchased a lightly used Stellarvue 70mm F6

I could not get the field flattened with two other flatteners. I attached the 7425 nosepiece to the 7108 flattener and adjusted it to compensate for the nosepiece shoulder and it worked perfectly on the 70mm/F6

This is just 39 minutes on M31 with the 70mm Stellarvue and the Borg 7108, as you can see, it really works as designed.



I could have used a minus violet filter on this one, next time. Actually, would like to image this at F3.9 with the 125SD, waiting patiently…




BORG reducer and flattener might be a bit more expensive than some others. But think about its universal design which basically works with a lot of non-BORG refractors at high quality level. One for many. It should be high usage rate.  So I believe they are very good value if you consider its working time.

You can see what correction lenses are currently available at following flyer. Note all of BORG reducers work as flattener too.





~ by tedishikawa on August 9, 2013.

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