2013×2 – 300mm/F4.5 Fluorite & Japanese Fireworks

Code name 2013×2 was 67mm aperture fluorite.  67FL is close to 71FL in aperture.  But more tuned at faster speed. I guess native speed F4.5 will feel like F3.3 or close to F2.8 in conventional telephoto lens speed. 67FL is scheduled to be released this November. Following astrograph systems will be available as well.

– 67FL F3.1

– 67FL F4.8

Both will cover full frame sensors. I’m eager to re-attempt to shoot Taurus’s Simeis 147 with this optics this winter since 71FL F3.9 was a bit too long even in full frame sensor. 210mm and F3.1 should be perfect in length and speed. And good for comet AISON if it will grow up as expected. Price is not available yet. But you can guess from current 71FL price. I will keep updated on 67FL.

Followings are wonderful firework shots with 71FL F7.8 (w/7215) by Mt.Ikenouchi. According to him,fireworks was 8km away!! and the castle (Matsuyama castle) was 3.8km from him.  Beauty!!

DSCF3380s513 DSCF3001x3Gs13071FL + 7215(1.4x teleconverter) + Fuji X-M1




~ by tedishikawa on August 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “2013×2 – 300mm/F4.5 Fluorite & Japanese Fireworks”

  1. Hi Ted,
    great news!

    I was wondering if the 67FL could be used also for macro shoot like the new 36ED?



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