Hotaru 71FL Fluorite Bino & Broan Hawk Owl

This looks much more comfortable to me in size and weight while maintaining top class optical quality with fluorite element.

Since drawtube holders are removed from the system, it becomes much lighter. This is just total 10 lbs including EQ platform, which makes easy setup with StarLapse and counterweight battery.  Still I have to add a bit more metal as extra weight. But at least now I can completely eliminates conventional counterweight. It was not possible with 89ED Bino.  Now very compact while no compromise in optical quality.

_MG_0644 _MG_0645IDAS 82mm UHBD5.2 wideband solar filter is on

Followings were taken with same optics – Hotaru. I wish to look at them some day.

DSC01749r DSC01162re DSC01163re DSC01520r71FL + M75 Iris + Sony Alpha 57 by Mr.Nishida

It should be fun to keep looking since they look having lot of different faces and actions.

~ by tedishikawa on August 5, 2013.

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