36ED Macro Lens

These should describe how 36ED performs as macro lens.

DSC03210s DSC03200s3 DSC03202s36ED +Sony NEX6

DSC09634s36ED + M42 Iris + 7315(helical focuser) + Sony NEX6

My Olympus E-P5 is on the way. I’d like to test 36ED with E-P5 ASAP too.

1.1x field flattener will be available for astrophotography. That should be nice wide-field astrophotography lens too. It will be 220mm/F6.1 telephoto lens. Telescope’s F6.1 speed should be a kind of  F4 to F5 in conventional telephoto lens.

Followings are some example of different configurations.

36EDDSC望遠DX_01222sstmj1M42 Iris and M42 helical focuser

36ED天体DSC01099ssmj1Visual configuration for astro


~ by tedishikawa on July 19, 2013.

One Response to “36ED Macro Lens”

  1. Those are some fantastic images! How close were you able to get to the flowers?

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