36ED & Series 45

All parts for 36ED and Series 45 have been set to be shipped end of this month. This is 200mm focal length/F5.6 optical system.

6036sst[Part # 6036]

6037sst[Part # 6037]

These basic sets come with 36ED objective lens, sliding drawtube and extension tube. M42 helical focusers,  and M42 rotator(4520) etc. are available as options. Adding camera adapters, you can reach the focus at the infinity by sliding drawtube. We are preparing Series 45 (M42-threaded system) page and system diagrams. The dedicated field flattener will be available later too.

For the existing Mini Borg(Series 60) users, 7524 allows to attach 36ED objective (sold separated later) onto Series 60 (M57-threaded system). As example,

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE36ED(GR)トンボ 36ED(GR)睡蓮536ED + M57 Iris + 7215 + Canon 50D


~ by tedishikawa on July 16, 2013.

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