36ED (Series 45) on Schedule

Parts of Series 45 are being prepared to be released end of this month.

M42_45集合bs1st optics in Series 45 will be 36ED and be configured with M42/P1 threaded parts, including current M42 parts. The middle of front row is 36ED objective lens cell and lower right corner shows the rotator with mounting block, which allows to set onto portable tracking mounts without tube rings. This rotator should be very convenient to make astronomical system simpler and more compact.  Optics is 200mm focal length, which should be more proper length for smaller imaging sensors to take the outer corona during the totality.  And as usual, optics will clearly outperform conventional telephoto lenses in sharpness, cleanliness and contrast.  So Series 45 should achieve the maximum compactness for the eclipse expedition without compromising optical and mechanical performance.

Also #7524 allows to set 36ED with Mini Borg system (Series 60) as well. So the existing Mini Borg users can re-configure with 36ED while minimizing extra cost.

DSC01882xs36ED with Mini Borg system (Series 60)


~ by tedishikawa on July 7, 2013.

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