BORG 2013×2 & IDAS HEUIB Filter

Another test shot with 2013×2, which was provided by a beta tester – Naoki Nakanishi.

2013x2(コンパクトエクステンダー、月)2013×2 + 2.3x barlow(#4603) + DMK camera

Probably non-bayer camera shows more actual performance to compare optics to optics. Well resolved even in one shot frame(non-stacked) image.

Following is 1st test shot with a newly designed IDAS HEUIB filter.

This HEUIB is considered as something like between UIBAR and LPS-V4. It should be categorized as a part of UV/IR blocking, but more isolates H-alpha region. We will give more tech info shortly. It will be available in 37mm, 48mm, 52mm and square with Nikon frames.

BTW, this Sony’s professional-grade camcorder is very sensitive. We can see hint of North America and Pelican at 1 second shutter speed and full HD quality. I’m curious how it will perform for the meteor showers.



~ by tedishikawa on June 20, 2013.

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