This is the deep-sky performance by 36ED.

36ED(7885 ST-8300M 北アメリカ・ペリカン 等倍 ノートリミング)s36ED + 7885(0.85x reducer) + SBIG ST-8300, uncropped

Temporarily 7885 was used for test. Still the image field is not flat in Four Thirds sensor(half of full frame). Unfortunately, 7885 doesn’t work out with 36ED as expected. The field flattener optimized for 36ED is being prepared for astrophotography, which will cover up to APS-C sized sensors.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE This will be the one for small sensor users – APS-C or smaller who are looking around 200mm focal length and sharper optics than regular telephoto lenses. Also most of portable tracking mounts will easily handle this system too.

Meanwhile, followings show the performances as macro lens.

DSC07532s DSC07614s DSC07642s DSC07987s36ED + Sony NEX-5N

As you see, clean and vivid color. As macro lens, it should work well without the field flattener.

DSC_5839s36ED with M42 iris(front) and focuser, all parts produced in Japan


~ by tedishikawa on June 19, 2013.

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