Solarscope Ltd Solar Filter & Hutech Orthos

I took out my Ha solar filter I bought long time ago. It was SF50 produced by Solarscope Ltd, the Isle of Man, known as one of premium solar filters. If my memory is correct, they were the pioneer for full aperture(non central obstruction) etalon filters.

sf5050mm Main filter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA50mm + BORG 50FL + EMS(erecting mirror)

The filter showed me very nice images – huge prominence and several dark filaments today.

I’ve never used EMS with solar filter before. I wanted to use and see the true solar face. One of good advantages for SF is that blocking filter is 2″ to 2″, which makes easy for various configurations. It is very nice to allow me to use my own diagonal, especially erecting mirror.

or125Also I made the comparison between  old volcano shape orthos and current Hutech orthos. The difference was obvious. Since Volcano was not fully multicoated, this result was more than what anticipated, probably because of bright target like the sun. Current eyepieces showed me clean, high contrast and darker background.  I noticed darker background created contrasty prominence as a result. Simple 3+1 elements design looks creating clean and contrast solar image.

Ultimate solar scope? It should be Ha solar binoscope. I wish to have. But I will use IDAS wide-band solar binoscope for a while. But finally I’d like to get one more SF50 and set two on binoscope. That should be very nice! I hope some day.



~ by tedishikawa on May 24, 2013.

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