Sigma 35mmF1.4 – 3

I just made quick processing. Only curve and level are applied.

Combine1Sigma 35mm @F3.5 and 6DH w/LPS-V4, 6min x 10 at ISO1600 (No dark and flat)

Combine3s35mm @F3.5 and 6DH w/LPS-V4, 5min x 10 @ISO1600 (w/dark, no flat)

There is unusual shadow I’ve never seen before. A mirror might not have been completely up due to the interference with rear lens filter. Also there are many lines around shadow area, which I didn’t see last time either. This might be related to the incomplete mirror-up. —–> I looked into and I found one of screws on rear filter frame was loosened. So it seems a mirror was hit to a screw.

In any cases, Sigma 35mm/F1.4 shows wonderful performance and I can say the best I own. I believe Sigma plans to release more “ART”-grade lenses time to time. I look forward to them. If someone is looking for wide-angle lens which fully covers full frame sensors, this is the one. I highly recommend this lens.


~ by tedishikawa on May 15, 2013.

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