Saturn & Astro Photos

It was really great view for Saturn with Nozomi Binoscope last night. This is my 1st experience to use tracking mount with binoscopes. As expected, it’s really convenient and relax. I kept watching Saturn more than 1 hour. EMS’s mirror collimator allows for easy collimation tweak under high magnification. Very nice system!!


89edcI enjoyed visual observing a lot last night while taking pictures.

I noticed there are some issues for equatorial platform. First, we need more counterweight than it looks like since the equatorial platform arm moves the scopes up further from the mount.  Second, two scopes’ tilting adjustment affects the weight balance a lot. Especially in DEC. So at least we have to use the mounts which let the clutch completely tighten. Half-clutch system is not recommended. Also handling must be carefully done under dark condition since the scopes are tilted down right or left quickly when the platform’s tilt clutch is loosened. With these extra attentions, this platform gives us wonderful visual observing – Completely erect images under high magnification. So we can see the true planet faces with both eyes at high power!!

Alt-az arm should eliminate above issues. But I think EQ setup might be more stable and smoother tracking under high magnification. One day, I want to test with alt-az arm.

BTW, Saturn was very good looking because of tilted. I will try to push more power next.

I got images from Chris Howey, UK.  They are taken with 125SD F3.9 recently he got.

chrisJellyfish Nebula with 7nm Ha filter, 24 x 300sec at ISO 1600 with CentralDS Cooled Canon 60D

chris2Markarian’s Chain with Hutech  Idas LP filter, 34 x 300 at iso 1600 also with CentralDS Cooled Canon 60D


~ by tedishikawa on May 12, 2013.

One Response to “Saturn & Astro Photos”

  1. I love the Markarian’s Chain photo! That turned out awesome.

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