Olympus E-P5

Olympus E-P5 is just announced today. This is really what I was eagerly waiting for. Key features for me are focus peaking and 1/8000 sec. “mechanical” shutter. I like silver body design too and looks solid-made. It clearly reminds me of the old PEN. That’s nice. I’m sure old Olympus fan love this design too. I still like the feeling of mechanical shutter since I can feel taking pictures. But I’m very curious how shutter performs.  Shutter is open during idle because of mirroless camera. So before taking a shot, it is closed once and open/close at 1/8000 sec., and finally open? These sequence? Very complicated.

E-P5_front_si Fortunately, an old EVF can work with E-P5. (I wish to try to use latest one though)  This is obviously perfect combination with BORGs – lightweight body, EVF, strong image stabilizer and now focus peaking. I don’t think we need anything else. I can’t wait for using E-P5 with 36ED.

Olympus development team is still doing great job!! And thanks for showing us your advanced technology.



~ by tedishikawa on May 10, 2013.

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