89ED Binos & Astro photo

I start using 89ED bino with AOK platform, still only daytime though….

AOK platform is wonderful, well design! Easy and well responsive collimation mechanism.

89edsetupI like this setup very much

right1: inter-pupillary adjustment knob

2: collimation screws for vertical direction

left3: collimation screws for horizontal direction

This platform should handle up to 4″ aperture in case of  BORG and 3″ for non-BORG scopes. I highly recommend this platform. I plan to demonstrate this system at IAI show in UK this month and Tainai in Japan August. Please come see at our booth. I believe Japan has the largest number of  binoscope users. But this type of platform should be quite new to them. So I’m very curious what responses we will have from those experienced users in Japan.

日本の皆様へ: 胎内でこれと同じものを展示する予定です。是非胎内へお越し頂き、実際にご使用ください。赤道儀式での快適さをご満喫できるものと思います。お楽しみに!!

Following nice picture was sent from Elton Ng.

ic4952I’m glad to know he looks enjoying with BORG. I didn’t realize this kind of faint nebulosity. I want to try myself too.


~ by tedishikawa on May 1, 2013.

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