36ED – Series 45

1st small batch of 36ED lenses and parts are coming up. This is 200mm/F5.6 telephoto lens. See some of shots. You will see how sharp it is. It looks working as wonderful macro lens too.

36ed236ED & E-M5 with M42 helical focuser[7842] and M42 iris[9421]





Exif_JPEG_PICTURE36ED & M42 helical focuser L and Iris with Canon 50D Naoki Nakanishi

36ed8According to him, this is 1km away, well resolved!!



I’m very curious how resolved when lowpass-less cameras are used. Probably we will see soon. For astro use, reducer or flattener will be available.


~ by tedishikawa on April 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “36ED – Series 45”

  1. Hi Ted,

    I think it will be very interesting to see more macro shots with this 36ED.
    Is the iris the 60 series version or is a new 45 series version?


    Emanuele Todini

  2. Dear Emanuele

    Thanks for your comment.
    We have M42P1 and M42P0.75 both. Since Series 45’s standard thread is M42P1, M42P1 one should be good for Series 45.
    Yes, I fully agree with you. This should be great macro lens.

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