Moonlite Focuser with 125SD

This is a new Moonlite adapter test for one of recent 125SD orders.

moonlite125SD with Moonlite 2.5″ focuser

The focuser is directly attached with a main tube(#9125) without the original drawtube and finder base ring. Moonlite focuser is now available as one of focuser options for Series 80 and 115.  Looks much different from previous setup. Very nice!!


~ by tedishikawa on April 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “Moonlite Focuser with 125SD”

  1. I have a 2″ Feather Touch 2025 on my Lunt 100ED. The FT adapter is also available from Starlight Instruments, maker of the FT. Works very well, especially when in imaging mode.

  2. Hi! I am right there trying to go for this custom option by just ordering the 360mm tube and the 125SD objective. How can I get the focuser as well? I thought I’d have to mail the whole tube to Moonlite for them to make a custom flange…

    Also, will the 7870 reducer work on this option (on my 360mm tube)?


    • Dear Paul,

      I will send you the separate e-mail shortly.
      You can purchase Moonlite from Hutech.

      Thanks for choosing BORG 125SD.


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