NEAF 2013

As always, NEAF was the great astro show.


neaf144neaf141Japanese “NOBORI”  (Nobori is originally used as Samurai family symbol to clarify each other before fighting)

neaf140neaf137 neaf136 Thanks for stopping by our booth

neaf139 Newly released Hutech Orthos – they are huge attention

neaf13eWe start carrying Sigma lenses – I will keep report on astro image performance by Sigma

neaf133Black BORG 71FL

neaf13dSun Tracker – the response from people was more than expected!!

neaf13cBORG 125SD F3.9 and 71FL F3.9 astrographs and Mini Borg 50 guiderneaf145 neaf13a neaf134NOZOMI 89ED bino with equatorial arm – very clean image with new Abbe Orthos 12.5mm

neaf132 neaf13bHARUKA, 125SD Bino

Again, thank you for stopping by our booth. See you at NEAF 2014 next year!!


~ by tedishikawa on April 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “NEAF 2013”

  1. Thanks for the images Ted, especially the 125SD and 71FL. That’s the 125SD I gently removed from it’s rings and fondled…:) I still can’t believe how very light it is.

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