New Bino Platform by AOK Swiss

This is the another innovative product designed by AOK Swiss. 1st bino platform for equatorial mount. Since Vixen-interface mount was already shipped to NEAF, I can’t show you how twin scopes moves in equatorial mode right now. Unfortunately, I have only one Vixen-interface equatorial mount.

89edaNOZOMI(89ED) with AOK equatorial platform

This is only 15lbs including platfom!!

89edbBase unit can be tilted based on the comfort of binoviewing

The system is available like

1) Base unit, which allows for the scope X/Y collimations & inter pupillary distance.

At least you can set mount onto the conventional fluid tripod head without any other item

2) Optional equatorial arm

3)Optional alt-az mounting arm

So usually you can use 1)+2) or 1)+3).

I will demonstarate this system with equatorial mount at NAEF. Please stop by us and see how it will work. I’m sure this is what you’ve never seen before.

This is really well designed and made. For European customers, please contact Beat AOK Swiss – the master of this system. I love it!! Now I can enjoy high power planetary viewing with smooth equatorial mount.

bpf-155_1_protI plan to demonstrate the same NOZOMI system at UK astro next month. For European customers, please come to Hutech booth and see.


~ by tedishikawa on April 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “New Bino Platform by AOK Swiss”

  1. Hello I´m Sabino Ramírez from Chile and I´m looking for Platform for my TOA 130 Binoscope, I would like to quote for one .

    best regards

    Sabino Ramirez

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