Losmandy StarLapse – 2

I built up in regular dual-axes configuration. I noticed recent Losmandy sadle has dual interfaces for standard Losmandy D and Vixen-compatible ones. That’s good idea too. I didn’t know that…… See my setup.

strlps2My key concept as a portable mount is how to fully adjust weight balance while eliminating a counterweight. So StarLapse lets me achieve my goal. I can use a battery instead of a PET-bottle. So my StarLapse is now very versatile, which allows me for single-axis tracking for short focal length optics and casual visual observing, dual tracking with an autoguiding and time lapse movie. Very nice mount!!  It’s as portable as I wish and as stable as I expect. Like BORG, this modular design makes me fun to change configurations based on applications. Wonderful, Scott (Losmandy)!!


~ by tedishikawa on March 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Losmandy StarLapse – 2”

  1. Beautiful Set Up…How is the Polar scope of Losmandy? Does it have itched Ursa Major and Cassiopeia for alignment?

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