Astro Photo & Losmandy

Bastien Foucher sent a recent picture.

m81m8271FL F3.9 + ATIK 314L+

I’m a bit surprised this small scope still has the range of deep sky objects. I think this image encourages us to try for some of galaxies with the short focal length optics too.

I had Losmandy StarLamp long time. But I didn’t use much. Finally I realized this is very good portable mount. I was using several other small mounts including SkyMemo and some other trackers.  Most challenging issue was how to adjust the weight balance. This StarLamp has solved all without counterweight. See my setup. I set StarLamp onto Vixen tripod and SkyMemo’s alt-az mount. SkyMemo’s alt-az head is very solid-made and allows for accurate polar alignment. I wanted to use it. But unfortunately, legs are too short for regular uses. So I set it with Vixen tripod. So now stable and comfortable for visual use too.


I don’t think this has no problem with BORG 89ED and 4″ either. Very solid and easy balance adjustment. Time Lapse movie, expandability for dual-axes equatorial mount and stability for high-power visual observing. Probably this mount will be most used from now on. Sorry for Scott, I didn’t know all about this mount. Indeed, this is wonderful mount. Well designed and made!! Highly recommended to all of you.

I will try to use this setup for comet PAN-STARRS. Unfortunately no good weather these days. But I don’t give up yet.


~ by tedishikawa on March 18, 2013.

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