Nature Photo Show

I had a lot of attentions during the show. Thanks for stopping by our booth. I had good time to talk. I think the show was very successful as 1st appearance.

What I got to know this time were

1) Many are looking for 500mm/600mm focal length at reasonable cost

2) They don’t mind manual focusing. In fact, some are focusing manual even with AF-capable lenses.

3) Many are misunderstanding the displayed BORG scopes were spotting scopes and slow F ratio first. They were surprised at BORG’s speed. (Yes, when spotting scope and DSLRs are used together, additional optical element is needed, which makes image up-side down again. That makes the speed slower. But BORG’s image is already upside down like conventional camera lenses. So it is completely different from spotting scope optical systems. Also there is no prism either. I noticed I had to clarify this point)

So I could confirm we were aiming at the right direction.

nanpa113 Black BORGs

nanpa18Olympus modified E-M5. Many were playing around

nanpa12Carl Zeiss lenses

nanpa13I like their zoom lenses. I’m eager to wait for Tamron micro 4/3rds lens for E-M5

nanpa14So many kinds of bags!

nanpa15FEISOL, this is very interesting company. Their carbon fiber tripods are very rigid and very light. Carbon-made Gimbal U-mount is very light too. I tested with BORG 89ED. Best match! I plan to carry their products. Very rigid!! I thought it was good for astronomical mount too. I wonder how to mount. That is the issue.

nanpa16My neighbor, many good cameras and lenses

nanpa17Canon, always many people. they are printing with large-format printer. I want it!!


Sigma has a lot of attractive fixed focal length lenses, which are good for astrophotography. Especially newly-designed 35mm/F1.4 looks wonderful and best match with 6D. I will test 35mm as soon as I get. 35_14_mainimg

Look at technical data sheet. Since I have 50mmF1.4, I can compare two in data and I can figure how 35mm lens will be better than 50mm. I want to make test shot ASAP.

It was good show, which allows me to have opportunity to talk with users and manufacturers. I believe I should attend next year too.


~ by tedishikawa on March 7, 2013.

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