Hutech Abbe Ortho Eyepieces – Update

First, I’d like to thank you for your huge attention to these eyepieces. I want to update the situations.    We are scheduling to start shipping end of this month or early of April. First, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and 12.5mm are expected to be available. 6mm and 18mm will be ready a couple of weeks after above 1st shipment. All are purely made-in Japan. I understand many including myself are eagerly waiting. Please be kindly patient.

At least I’m confident we can display these eyepieces at NEAF and you can try to view with BORG binoscopes. I plan to demonstrate two binos – Haruka(125SD) and Nozomi(89ED). Nozomi will be set with AOK’s  newly-designed platform which allows to use in equatorial mode. So now you will be able to enjoy high power planetary “real” bino-viewing with classic Abbe orthos in tracking mode.

Also I have the big surprise as another Hutech original. We are preparing for 1st demonstration at NEAF. Hopefully I can announce it within a couple of weeks.




~ by tedishikawa on March 5, 2013.

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