As mentioned earlier, 36ED F5.6 is expected to be available this summer.

36ed1The optimized new reducer is planned to be released as well.  Image circle might not be as large as the one to cover full frame. But focal length will be shorter than 200mm. So this should be great wide-field scope for smaller sensors.

The name of Mini Borg doesn’t sound proper any more since this is further smaller system.  So I’m thinking it is better to newly classify each scope based on the tube diameter like

1) Series 45 : 36ED

2) Series 60 : 45EDII, 50Ach, 50FL, 60ED, 71FL  (& 36ED with adapter)

3) Series 80 : 71FL/77EDII/89ED

4) Series 115 : 125SD



~ by tedishikawa on February 11, 2013.

One Response to “36ED”

  1. I think the ‘Series” designation makes a lot more sense Ted, it will eliminate some confusion for people.

    I love the fluted tubes on the Series 45, looks really nice….


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