Eyepiece Projection

More people are choosing BORG eyepiece projection adapter these days. So let me describe features here. BORG eyepiece projection adapter has very unique design. As shown here, no weight stress to eyepiece at all.

74101) Allows to adjust the distance between eyepiece and camera sensor, which allows to control zoom ratio with DSLRs and vignetting issue with point-and-shoot cameras.

2) Allows for quick attachment and detachment. comfortable for visual/image switch and quick eyepiece change if there are multiple eyepiece holder units.  Taper interface eliminates poor connection concern like tilt and slippage.

3) Camera orientation

4) BORG standard M57 male at telescope side and female at camera side. So you can choose wide variety of adapters. For example,

Telescope side : 7425 for 2″ opening, 7424 for SCT, 7522 for T-thread and 7912 for Tak M72 etcetc.

Camera side : 7522 for T-ring and T-threaded camera, 7523/7526 for c-mount camera etc.

Very flexible design. Only restriction is the diameter of eyepiece head. It must be less than 56mm diameter. any length is fine since an extension tube can be added if necessary.

I think Saturn is getting more comfortable visibility from now on.  I’d like to try.


~ by tedishikawa on January 31, 2013.

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