BORG New Optical System

This is a new optical system from BORG. Probably we will call “Pocket BORG”??

P1280931smj1You can guess the optical tube size from Pentax Q10 body. You will see how small it is. More compact than Mini Borg, but still compatible with its objectives although new lenses will be coming up. Don’t blame me “MINI” should be smaller than “POCKET” in the term. Or better to say “Nano BORG”……. Anyway, this should be the perfect match with small body cameras like Pentax Q10, Nikon 1 and Olympus PEN series etc. And also the new optics works with M42 system currently available. Pentax Q10’s crop-ratio is 5.5X. S0 for example, 200mm focal length will be 1,100mm equivalent to full frame. Let’s wait and see how these tiny optics performs. These small cameras have no lowpass filter or much lowpass effect. So we can expect well-resolved images even with short focal length if optics is good enough.


~ by tedishikawa on January 30, 2013.

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