40 Years Ago – 1

I’m collecting my old stuff from my parent house in Japan these days. These are what I was using around 40 year ago. The camera I used that time was “Petri” . But it was  gone somewhere. Since there was no PCs and games that time, cameras were the most attractive item to me as same-age boys should have had same feeling. I recall I was just looking over camera catalog every day. Cameras looks so cool to me.

toshi2Before Vixen microscope(Yes, still made in Japan) goes, I built up cardboard refractor though. Anyway, Vixen microscope must be my 1st optical equipment. (According to this picture, the model name is NOBLE. Good name!!) I took many microscopic pictures with Vixen and Petri.  I think this was my 1st scientific pictures at age around 13 years old.  This was the eyepiece projection imaging. Petri was not major brand. So I remember I had hard time to find out the solution for coupling all the time, including following telescope as well. Finding the adapter was challenging very much.

Then, I got GOTO optical’s 80mm F15 achromat. I recall it was s~~o expensive since Japan was still economically so poor. One of close friends here owns similar GOTO scope. But I think it wasn’t hard much for him or his family to get because of the currency exchange rate – 360 yen per dollar in addition to much higher income standard in US. Feel like more higher salaried people (twice or three times?) can buy the goods from Japan at one fourths of the cost compared with Japanese that time.

Anyway, these are some my memory.

cometComet Kohoutek, Prime focus 5 minutes, no guiding

Memo says it was taken January 4th. But no year described. So I checked around on the net.

kohoutekAccording to this page, perihelion was December 27 1973. So it must be 1974 when it was taken.

BTW, this monochrome film was processed and printed myself. That’s why very poor quality…… The memo says

Film :  Tri X – Kodak

Developping chemical : Pandol?? (I’m not sure spell) – Fuji

Print paper : Gekko, I didn’t know the maker. So I checked. Looks like Mitsubishi.

Surprisingly, Kodak film was available even at such a small town where I grew up at the northern part of Japan. I recall using Kodak film made me feel better since it was industrial? or professional grade and legendary American-made and product. Regular film was almost 100% Fuji at that time. Sometime there was Konica. So no one uses Kodak film at my town, probably anywhere in Japan. Also probably another reason was Kodak film was very expensive as  snap-shot film too.  Anyway, I’d like to appreciate this camera shop carried Tri-X film in such a small town.




~ by tedishikawa on January 23, 2013.

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