I thought I wanted to share these unique setup with the viewers. These are configured by a recent customer himself who bought 71FL and some other parts. (Believe or not, I didn’t configure myself. Fortunately he can come to my office to verify if his design is OK before purchase though) He was looking for very lightweight setup. But he didn’t compromise optical quality. So he decided to chose BORG 71FL mini BORG configuration as well as Series 80 with Feather Touch focuser. I thought these info should be very useful to someone who are interested in similar setup.

71flderek71FL Series 80 w/Feather Touch (light weight version)

He is using 7150 and 7025 as main tubes without drawtube. Since Feather touch has a plenty of focus travel, he didn’t need  to use a heavy drawtube holder(7753). This setup allows to reach focus at the infinity. Especially I was so impressed to see how light this Feather Touch focuser is. I have seen them at the trade show like NEAF and PATS. But I didn’t pay attention so much. The weight difference between the ordinary and this one is huge. If the weight is the issue for someone, I highly recommend Feather Touch lightweight version. Very light while still maintaining Starlight quality.

The next is Mini Borg setup with fork mount and carbon fiber tripod. The wedge(#3035) allows to point the scope the zenith.

71flderek2This system includes BORG M57 crayford focuser which is normally not available in US. This is further lighter than above Series 80. So it should be designed for backpacking purpose.

He is really enjoying BORG modular systems like LEGO. I don’t hesitate to say these are the ultimate packpack-portable systems in size, weight and optical/mechanical quality.



~ by tedishikawa on January 22, 2013.

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