89ED [NOZOMI] – 4 & 60ED F4.0

These are some shots taken with 89ED

アンドロメダ(89ED 7870)s89ED F4.7 astrograph (w/7870) taken by Naoki Nakanishi


89ED + Fuji X- Pro1 (Note: 2MB file) by Noboru Nakagawa

I also updated telephoto lens comparison chart.


Following was taken by Elton Ng, Malaysia.

Picture saved with settings embedded.60ED F4.0

60ED F4.0 is wonderful optics for wide-field photography. Its focal length is 40mm shorter than 71FL F3.9. Shortest focal length among BORG family currently available is 45EDII F5. One day, I will try to test 50Ach with 7870. I’m very curious of that result.


~ by tedishikawa on January 15, 2013.

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