EOS-MH – 2

I removed LPS filter from mounting ring and taped it at the rear of 22mm lens.

eos-mh2Glass is 2.5mm thick. But thanks for the no mirror design. The body has a plenty of room inside. So now EOS-MH is ready to shoot with LPS filter. For the time being, I can enjoy wide-field astro image with superb 22m lens and LPS filter. It should be fun.


~ by tedishikawa on December 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “EOS-MH – 2”

  1. Good thinking on the filter Ted, I did the same thing with the 7108 flattener, there is just enough room to drop a 48mm filter into the recess of the flattener. Used a couple small pieces of gaffer’s tape on the filter ring to keep it from moving around. Works like a charm and keeps the filter close to the camera sensor (where it belongs).


  2. Good work, Paul.

    We missed the chance to re-design to add filter thread before current lot was coming up. Technically it seems we can make outer M48 thread at lens barrel’s objective side like 7870. Maybe next lot.


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