Matsumoto Diagonal Erector – 2

As mentioned here, last time most of eyepieces including Coronado ones didn’t reach focus with Matsumoto Mirror Diagornal Erector (MDE) and blocking filter diagonal. 2nd prototype becomes now 5mm shorter light path than the original unit. As a result, all of eyepieces I had including Coronado ones reached focus. mde2

So now I don’t hesitate to say MDE works with Lunt scopes and most of eyepieces. Still the focuser has 2-3mm extra back focus. It’s not plenty. But it seems to be good extra number. MDE has 2″ nosepiece at the focuser side and t-thread or 1.25″ opening at the eye side. MDE solves the mirrored sun face problem. Most of solar scope users don’t see the actual sun face. This is the solution to correct!!

mde3MDE with regular 2″ diagonal

This test result has encouraged me to go ahead moving forward. MDE will be commercially available soon from Hutech or Hutech dealers all over the world.


~ by tedishikawa on December 11, 2012.

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  1. Marvelous content, thanks for sharing !!

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