I realized 22mm pancake lens which came with as standard is fun to use very much. This focal length covers a lot of objects in APS-C sized sensor, and sharp and less distortion at each corner even at F2.8. This speed,  image field and quality is very attractive to me.

_MG_9393Single 2 minutes @ ISO400 by EOS-MH (No LPS-V4)

I wanted to use LPS-V4 with this lens to attenuate light pollution and darken the background. I have to look into the body if it has the room for filter thickness. So far, EOS-M has no interval control with PC and remote timer controller. So I had to watch the time and push IR remote button to start/stop each frame. That was a bit painful for me.  I wish next model or firmware/PC software  update allows to control remotely. Fortunately AC or DC adapter is available for this camera. So once it will be allowed to be controlled remotely, it should be wonderful astro camera near future.




~ by tedishikawa on December 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “EOS-MH”

  1. Great widefield Ted, congratulations. It looks really good for a 120 second exposure. The lack of a way to use an intervalometer on the shutterless Dslr’s is a real problem for astrophotographers. I believe the Samsungs can go to 4 minutes in the camera though. The Sony NEX5 and 6 are great with ISO management, but again, lack a means of controlling exosure length. Time for someone to make some Apps for Iphones or Ipads?

  2. Dear PAUL

    Thanks for your comment. I’m looking forward to any progress of Canon mirrorless system.

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