BORG Spotting Scope Sets

We were making quality test for 45-degree erecting prism. Matsumoto erecting mirror is always best. This is no contest and no hesitation to mention that. But unfortunately it is a right angle.  So it’s not good fit for terrestrial use.

Eventually I found out the good quality of prism which meets with BORG premium optical performance. The set comes with 2″ erecting prism, which gives each user more eyepiece selections unlike other spotting scopes.



New objective – ZONOMI (89ED) will join this family soon. Vixen 8-24mm zoom eyepiece is available as option too. With Vixen eyepiece, each system magnification is

HOTARU : 16x – 50x

SAKURA : 21x – 63x

NOZOMI : 25x – 75x

We will prepare for more details on BORG spotting scope system. I’m looking forward to having the chance for side-by-side test with Carl Zeiss, Leica and Swarovski etc.

Yes, as usual, BORG-proprietary modular design allows each system to convert telephoto lens system quickly too.


~ by tedishikawa on November 17, 2012.

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