Matsumoto Diagonal Erector

Following shows the Mr.Matsumoto-proprietary diagonal unit and two different couplers.

MDE : Mirror diagonal unit

MDE125 : 1.25″ coupler for regular 1.25″ diagonals

MDEM42 : T-threaded coupler for t-threaded diagonals like Lunt blocking filter and Baader’s threaded diagonal (a re-machined prototype coupler is shown in above picture. The commericial unit will be lower profile)

Diagonal body has taper shape, so each coupler allows to orient 2nd diagonal for proper erecting image.  The combination should be MDE+MDE125 or MDE+M42. This requires 2″ opening at the telescope side.

Premium quality silver coated mirror is precisely aligned by Japanese craftmen.

Viewing the right face makes feel very confortable and reminds me that should be so naturally.

~ by tedishikawa on November 16, 2012.

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