Diagonal Erector

This special diagonal creates completely erecting image even with conventional diagonals. No reversed(or mirrored) image any more. A blocking diagonal filter is the must-item in solar viewing. So unfortunately we are always viewing the mirrored sun face at this moment.  This is the solution for the right sun face.

Under today’s test, only Japanese Orthos allows to reach focus without barlow. The above shows they are connected via t-thread. This special diagonal requires 61mm extra light path. We might need shorter connecting part for the dedicated solar scopes.  I’m not familiar with Coronado diagonal. If it has no t-thread, probably barlow will be a kind of must.

In case that regular scopes having plenty of back focus or modular design like BORG, we will have more chance to reach focus.

We have two options – T-thread or 1.25″ opening

T-thread : 61mm long

1.25″ : 84mm

If your scope allows to have such extra light path, you will be able to enjoy the right face of the moon and the sun.



~ by tedishikawa on November 14, 2012.

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