1st Image by Modified EOS-M

Nothing special and fancy at all. But at least I hope we can see the performance for astro use.

EOS-M T-version(UV/IR blocking) + 22mm F2 M lens at F2.8, 20″ at ISO400 (cropped for Orion constellation)

Since the camera has no remote control capability yet and doesn’t allow to set LPS filter yet, I couldn’t set longer exposure time at light-polluted my backyeard. At least probably we can see it performs as other Canon cameras. What surprised me was 22mm lens was looking very good. During focusing, I barely saw the chromatic aberration even in full aperture(F2). 35mm equivalent in full frame. This lens might be very good sky/terrestrial shots.

Following is 100% image at one of the corners at F2.8. Looking very good. Probably shorter back focus allows to make more effectively correct various aberrations.  Illumination looks very flat entire APS-C sized sensor too. I can say this lens works well for astrophotography too. This 1st result assured me Canon mirrosless cameras will be working very well  as our expectation.

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Also we have found out clear filter version too. So we offer two options – T and C versions.


~ by tedishikawa on November 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “1st Image by Modified EOS-M”

  1. Ted, what is the actual problem with controlling the EOS-M (by computer or remote control)? I understand that the EOS-M comes with a copy of the Canon EOS Utility. Is the problem just that EOS Utility needs to be updated, or is there some hardware reason that the camera can’t be remote-controlled. If it’s just that Canon needs to update the drivers, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. What do you know about this issue? Thanks! Scott Denning

    • EOS-M’s Utility is not fully functional when PC is recognized the camera is EOS-M.
      I think Canon intentionally limit the functionality by software (or might be
      hardware camera inside), or firmware. Anyway there is no remote timer controller
      interface and limited software functionality. Canon site is saying no PC control for


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