Spectrum-Enhanced EOS-M Ready

Option “T”=astronomical UV/IR blocking filter of EOS-M is now ready.  I will test it for astro performance hopefully next week.

At this moment, I don’t have the adapter for EOS-M. So I have to use this 22mm lens though. Fortunately, AC adapter and DC coupler look available from Canon. So we can make DC adapter for this camera as well. We plan to make an IR lighting box for EOS-M which works with programmable remote timer controller.

We are still look into whether the option E(performance enhanced = no filter) is possible or not.

BTW, new lot of 7108 – 1.08x multi flattener is coming up now. So we can ship it to all who have been waiting long time. Unfortunately our office will be close Thanksgiving week. So the shipment will be made end of this month. Thanks for your a bit more patience.

There is a new astronomical trade show at Tucson this weekend. This is 1st event and held by the same organizer who is doing for NEAF. So I”m sure this will be getting larger and larger every year.  I look forward to seeing all of visitors.

~ by tedishikawa on November 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Spectrum-Enhanced EOS-M Ready”

  1. Ted, this is great to know!

    Is there a similar UV/IR cutoff filter available for the Olympus and Panasonic MFTs chips??



    • Perry

      So far, not. I plan to have filter ring which allows to set 37mm ones into Canon or Nikon to MFT adapter. Then, you can put UIBAR or LPS to block UV/IR.


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