BORG with Sony NEX

I like Sony’s peaking focus technology very much. This is very convenient and works very well in manual focusing. I wish to have this function in Olympus cameras. Probably the patent might be protected by Sony…….

These were taken with 45EDII and NEX-5N, and focused by peaking method.

I hesitated using NEX-5N because of no EVF. Now new NEX encourages me to try to use for bird photography. NEX-6, which is expected to come up this December, will have the superb OLED EVF. This Sony-made OLED EVF must be highest quality right now. This should be better than the one made by Epson which is used for Olympus E-M5. This EVF + Peaking focus must be great combination for non-AF optics like BORG.  Only drawback for NEX is it is not the body-stabilizer. But maybe the convenience of  Peaking focus might beat the body stabilizer. One day, I’d like to try NEX-6.

James at First Light UK is taking more images by BORG.

Please feel free to contact them since they are familiar with BORG system very much. Personally I’m very curious of the performance of Sony’s ICX694 sensor. It looks excellent.


~ by tedishikawa on November 7, 2012.

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