Finally EOS-M arrived here. More solid than expected. Well made.

Although I was aware the camera has no controller port, I thought it could be controlled by PC. But unfortunately I now noticed it wasn’t. My routine step for a new camera was to take 10 minutes dark. But I had to keep pressing the shutter button by my finger. Tired……. Anyway this is the result. Actually there is no hot pixels at all.

10 minutes dark at ISO800 under room temperature

(Center box shows fully stretched image)

We will check the inside body and see how we can modify this camera next week while we have to consider how to remotely control. I hope we can prepare the special IR transmitter box which allows to connect programmable controller. Even if it is not possible, at least it can work as UV and IR camera. I will keep updated on EOS-M.


~ by tedishikawa on November 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “EOS-M”

  1. This is very interesting Ted. Do you know if the exposure can be controlled with the computer through the EOS Utility that comes with the camera like the DSLRs can?


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