Astro & Pentax Q10

101EDII F4.1 user – Steve Cooper recently got 77EDII objective and re-built as 77EDII F4.3 for wider field of view.

77EDII F4.3 + QSI 583WS

Followings are image results with Pentax new camera – Q10. Q10’s sensor is further smaller than micro 4/3rds sensor.  These were taken with 50FL(400mm). It means 2200mm f.l. equivalent to full frame. It’s well close-up effect!!

The sensor is small. But it is Sony-made back-illuminated type. So it might have good S/N under low light condition.  Probably good for planetary imaging and deep sky targets like small galaxies.


~ by tedishikawa on October 29, 2012.

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