EOS-M Adapter

Here is the prototype for EMS-M adapter.

EOS-M body + EOS-M adapter + 7843 + 7840 + 7844 + EL Nikkor 50/2.8

This setup allows to reach focus from several meter to the infinity.

The adapter is expected to be available this December. As mentioned earlier, mirrorless cameras should have the advantage over the regular DSLR bodies because of no mirror box. Mirror and mirror box  the mechanical vignetting. This is especially effective for fast optics. I wonder when Canon USA starts shipping EOS-M in US. We are eager to modify this camera as well.

Following are more superb images taken by Scott Denning with his 71FL.

71FL F6.0 + QHY12, 5 x 15min

71FL F3.7 + QHY12,  30x30s + 30x60s + 30x120s = 105 minutes total exposure

(well captured very faint nebulosity around M42)

Very impressive images!!


~ by tedishikawa on October 26, 2012.

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