Pentax K-5IIs

Pentax K-5II2 is now available in Japan. Following is BORG preliminary test result. Pentax cameras are regarded as good match with BORG scopes since it has body image stabilizer and AF adapter is available. These functions offset BORG’s dis-advantage. As you were aware, K-5IIs is one of two models recently released and is claimed as the lowpass-less version. So we were eager to see how fine details were created when high resolution optics like BORG are used. See the result.

50FL + K-5IIs

Unfortunately, various moire can be seen so far. This image is simply taken in JPEG mode. I wonder if RAW format allows to minimize or erase these moire by software. Although most of regular camera lenses might not make the moire, super sharp lenses look difficult to work with.  But it still remains unchanged as good match with BORG in image quality and  image stabilizer function. The issue is how we can deal with this kind of moire.

Now this reminds us of the excellence of Fujifilm’s proprietary C-MOS sensor (unique RGB pixel pattern) and image processor technology. It doesn’t lowpass either. But the moire doesn’t occur even when it is used with BORG optics, and excellent image quality. I wish it would have the body stabilizer. Than, it will be perfect camera for BORG.


~ by tedishikawa on October 22, 2012.

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