Unmounted LPS Filter

We received inquiries about the unmounted LPS filter these days. I understand some people put it into filter wheel carousel and use it as L filter.

Generally we don’t carry LPS filters as unmounted. But fortunately following sizes are possible to use.

1) LPS-P2-37 : Glass size is 36mm and 0.5mm thick -> Good for 36mm unmounted carousels.

2) LPS-P2-52 : Glass size is 49mm and 2.5mm thick -> Good for carousels which are designed for both 48                      mounted and 50mm unmounted.

LPS-P2 36mm unmounted

It requires re-focus since they are not par-focal with other RGB filters.

KASAI eyepiece page is here.







~ by tedishikawa on October 11, 2012.

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