Unmounted LPS 36mm for Full Frame Sensors

Unmounted 36mm filters can be set at the rear of camera lenses. This benefit is huge because it allows to use LPS-P2 and LPS-V4 with wide-angle lens and full frame sensor cameras.

Left is Tokina 12-24mm. Right is Canon 14-70mm. Unfortunately, there are various sizes and shapes. So it is not possible to say this is OK or that’s not good. But generally speaking, 36mm 0.5mm thick of glass can be set at the most of lenses available in the market, except Canon EF-S lenses. But that’s OK, those lenses doesn’t cover full frame sensors.

This Tokina lens is very simple shape. Just put a filter and tape. This Canon has gelatin filter holder. So it has to be removed. Then, I could set a filter on the flat surface. In any cases, we have to tape to hold a filter. It’s not sophisticated at all. But unfortunately no other way.

I know a lot of full frame sensor camera users are looking for solution to use LPS with wide-angle lenses. This is most practical way at this moment without huge extra cost for making a special filter holder for each different lens. Probably 0.5mm thickness is thin enough for most of lenses. Only issue is lens’s shape and size at the rear portion.  Search my previous blogs with words like “rear filter”. You will see my several attempt on this.



~ by tedishikawa on October 11, 2012.

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